What is a Coach

April 10th, 2014
Coach Julia

Coach Julia

A coach is a caring source for pragmatic business feedback, options, and help.

They are a Mentor, an expert, a friend, a business brainstorm partner, and an accountability partner. A coach won’t let you set still long, they will  keep you moving along or show you where you’re stuck and tell you why.

Why a coach?

Why do people hire a coach?

They hire a coach because they are not getting what they want, after they have about given up.  When people realize that their business is driving them crazy, that’s when they usually want a coach.

  • Crazy = Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Ironically, a good coach is most valuable when your business is growing. No, not because they aren’t valuable when it isn’t growing. It’s just that  when your business is stuck  you are burned out, overwhelmed, often tired and resistant to change or help.

Sure! Get a coach when things aren’t working right in your business. It’s critical you change then! Just keep them during the growth time too, so you avoid future “ruts” and delays and you grow faster.

Give Um What They Need

What do you need when you hire a coach?

Top 10 Reasons you Hire a Coach:
You want someone to:

  1. Listen to the reasons it’s not their fault they are stuck. (Sounding board)
  2. Help them get unstuck (Coach and Friend)
  3. Tell it like it is, be pragmatic,  and  kick their butt when needed (Parent)
  4. Hold their hand, tell them what to do, and what to avoid (Expert)
  5. Help them put a plan together (Business Partner)
  6. Hold them accountable (Accountability Partner)
  7. Help them stay motivated to take action and make change when they are unsure (Coach)
  8. Encourage them and increase the belief in themselves (Cheerleader)
  9. Share in their change and success (peer and friend)
  10. Show them how to do more, to challenge them (Expert Business Coach)


You’d be surprised what people do when they first hire a coach!

They want their problems to instantly go away. They want no accountability for their actions or to take time to change and improve.

Often, those new to coaching whine! Yep. Whine! It’s natural, sorta. They are full of negative energy, frustration, and emotion – part of the process is to unload it, recognize, rebound, and move on. Whining and negative thinking is true, if you believe it to be!

  • If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you are right – Henry Ford
  • It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not – Unknown

The key to success in your business and the coaching process is belief in yourself!

Most people believe they are doing the right thing, but not getting the results they want. They want someone to tell them what they are doing wrong, what to change. They want someone to be there to help them do it, to support them as they start moving along in the right direction.

If you want to grow past your limiting beliefs or other business hurdles, consider letting us lend a hand!

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